3+ Player Games

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is a print and play wargame with a good amount of ressourcemanagement, in which the players pit their forces against each other in order to complete their tactical goals, such as capturing a flag or planting a bomb.
To play this game, the players need:
– An arena (such as „Slaughter Valley“ – the arena that comes with the game). On the website inkwellideas.com you can find the so called „Hexographer“ – the tool, the map „Slaughter Valley“ was created with. Feel free to create your own maps with this tool.

– 36 dice from a unique color per player. Chessex (http://www.chessex.com/) e.g. offers beautful dice coming in little boxes of 36 for a decent price. To not mix up units during gameplay it is important that every player has got dice of a different colour!

If you want it – come and get it!

Dead Man’s Hand

Dead Man’s Hand is a Wild West themed RPG in pocketmod format (go to www.pocketmod.com for more information about pocketmod), permitting you to play pretty much any kind of character you can make up (and your game master a.k.a. Sheriff approves).

The mechanics are card driven and revolve (get it? it’s wild west, so they revolve .. duuhh..) around building pokerhands and paying with jetons for better hands.

If you want it – come and get it!

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