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Battle Arena 0.5 9. Dezember 2009

Battle Arena 0.5


1. Sean Allen - 21. März 2010

You may know me by anthropos95 on BGG. I was just checking out your site. Curious about Battle Arena…

Thanks Kai!

2. Natema - 26. Dezember 2011

Hi crazy guy,
I found your game Battle Arena on BattleGameGeek.
Seems really cool, I’ve to buy enough dice to try it very soon!
I just came over here after reading your crazy profile.
Hope you will continue to develop this game, I will post you my suggestions if I will have any.

3. CCarpo - 21. Februar 2012

I really like Arena Wars!! And I really like board games! And your idea to mix these together is great!
You just might want to give the Arena Wars guys some credit for it 😉

Looking forward to play this soon.