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Papa Cat: Kai

Hello, Kittens!

Maybe you've read the page with the "description" about me already.

My name is Kai, in hexadecimal I'm almost 28 and I come from a town in Germany called "Ladenburg". It is said to be the oldest Westgerman town, east of the Rhine ..

As boardgames are not only a hobby, but a passion of mine, a decade ago I founded the label "CatZeyeS" to publish my games with. When not working on games, I earn my daily bread by beeing "that IT guy" you call, when your computer no longer obeys your commands!

Want to find out more? Feel free to ask 🙂

Kind regards, Kai

oh, btw: my Avatar is a Gravatar - a pretty cool thing, if you ask me. Or for the more tech-savvy guys around here: a cloud based Avatar! Drivehrurpg for example supports them, too!