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Whack & Slaughter - Summoners

Summoners is a quick skirmish for 2 players.

As usual each player starts with his Hero in one corner of the map.

However, this time players are limited to playing a summoner specialist only!

In a match of "Summoners", some modifications apply:


Additionally to the summoner miniature, a player starts with a "Structure". A Structure is some immobile thing on a 2# base. The Structure is placed in the very corner a player starts in and has 20 Life and no attribute. You win upon reducing the opponent's Structure to zero Life.

When your Hero is killed, with the beginning of the next turn he respawns with 5 Life in his corner.


Your Hero can summon as many Daemons as he desires. However, before a match you have to create a selection of 5 Daemons of which you can choose your summoning during a match: A Daemon has a "Level" and the Daemons' Levels may range from 1 to 5. Per Level a Daemon receives 4 Points to invest into traits and 1 Life. A Daemon's movement always is 5, no matter his current Life. Per Level the summoning duration is reduced to 1 action. Each time a summoning Hero is attacked, the summoning duration is extended by 1 turn.

(Stuff lacking:  Skills for Summoners and skills to equip Daemons with. While both exist in the rules, They don't offer much flexibility in this scenario. Chances are, I'll go for a mix of summoner's + beastmaster's skills.)

Distribute 5 Magic Circles on the map as you would for a King Of The Hill match. For each circle under your control, for each of your summonings you may opt for your Daemon having +1 (g) on any one of his dice or for raduction of the summoning duration by 1 action.


.... more ideas to follow ...