Kai is Catzeyes’ first design – and still unmatched by competing products.

Beeing about 40 years old, Kai is still a classic that can bring you joy and spice up your life, as soon as you realize, that Kai is not only part of your collection, but a great and unique masterpiece all on Kai‘s own.

Mechanics: Kai is actually quite simple to handle and even easier to manage: Just stick to the few almost neglectable rules and you can only win. Contrary to other games, cheating will not give you an advantage – in fact, you will lose Kai for sure as soon as you play unfair.

Theme: Kai is surprisingly flexible. It doesn’t matter, whether you like a game of worker placement, high society, adventure, science fiction, drama or even horror – Kai provides enough material to be played with whatever theme suits most.

Sonds good? Read on .. as here comes the drawback:

Kai is nothing for the dumb! Though Kai seems easy to grasp, Kai requires a deep understanding of the nature of Kai in order to be played correctly. While intelligence will help you a lot, relying on your empathy will bring you even more victory points at Kai.

Still interested? Then don’t order just a copy of Kai – go for the original!

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