Duel is a “15 minute skirmish”: a miniature skirmish game that is played with 1 miniature per player for 1-4 players and thus can be played within 15 minutes (including setup time).

Originally intended to be played with wild west miniatures, it can be transferred into any setting. The core rules are 5 pages – the rest is entirely optional.

Get in, get the treasure, get out!

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Occultus is an expansion to Duel, introducing Magic to the world of Duel.

Field spellweavers commanding spirits to do their bidding – all while trying to remain sane. Or at least sane enough to survive the current battle.

Get in, get the treasure – but this time unleash powerful spells on your opponent.

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Sundown Slashers

Sundown Slashers is a Halloween Horror Addon for Duel in which your gang of Heroes tries to fulfil a mission while a Slasher is on their heels hunting them down relentlessly.

Your Heroes may be well armed. Your Heroes may be dangerous. But so is the Slasher.

And he is coming.

And he is going for your gang – one by one.

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