CoverDuel is a “15 minute skirmish”: a miniature skirmish game that is played with 1 miniature per player for 1-4 players and thus can be played within 15 minutes (setup time not included).

Originally intended to be played with wild west miniatures, it can be transferred into any setting. The core rules are 5 pages – the rest is entirely optional.

If you want it, come and get it:

Sundown Slashers

Sundown Slashers is the first separate scenario, especially for Halloween. It can be played on other days, too! In this scenario you pit your Heroes against a Slasher which is out to kill you simply because he can – while you try your best at surviving.

If you want it, come and get it:

And if you think, “Duel” is worth it to come out in a printed variant … may be you want to discuss this issue over a KoFi? 🙂