Vanguard: Seeking Sanctuary

Vanguard: Seeking Sanctuary is a Solitaire Miniature Skirmish Adventure. The county of Middledale is overrun by vile monsters. You are the leader of a band of mercenaries tasked with evacuating the county and leading the trek of refugees to Sanctuary.

The rules are miniature agnostic, so you can play with any miniatures you already have.

What you need:

6 Mercenaries
10-20 Monsters, melee and ranged types
10-20 Civilians
3-6 six sided dice
Tabletop terrain

Recommended are battlemats, 3’x3′.

If you want it – come and get it (note: though the rules are technically complete, they may still be subject to change!):

If you just want to try out the game but you don’t have any miniatures or even terrain yet, don’t worry! Just go for this file and print everything out to be equipped for the first mission:

If you belong to the Facebook Crowd, feel free to join the group and discuss the game with me:

Vanguard: Seeking Sanctuary @ Facebook

Vanguard: Quarantine is a  one-shot  adventure  set  in  the  same  world  as Vanguard: Seeking Sanctuary.
This time, Middledale is infected by a Virus turning villagers into Zombies.
Can you safe the village before all is too late?
You need to have read V:SS as it includes the core rules.

If you want it, come and get it:

Or in printer friendly:

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