Whack & Slaughter

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Whack & Slaughter

Whack & Slaughter is a fantasy skirmish game, where each player uses one miniature that represents his Hero on the battlefield. A player may use any miniature he already possesses, as the system allows to configure the Hero however he wishes.

In Whack & Slaughter your six sided die turns into your Herosheet. By buying levels in your traits and painting the pips of the die according to the rules, you determine the strength and weakness of your Hero.
Even though you roll a pool of up to five dice, usually only the one die with the highest result determines the outcome of your action.
By selecting up to five skills from up to two of the fifteen schools covering fifteen skills each there are countless of ways to individualize your character – and make him a deadly force on the battlefield.

If you want it – come and get it:

Though it says “Living Rulebook”, the development of those rules have been put on ice in favour of developing the 2nd Edition!

All the counters and cards you need

A Battlemap for up to 4 teams (optional – can be used for example as a capture the flag map)

Older Versions:

Whack & Slaughter – First Run – The Core Rules

Whack & Slaughter – Christmas Carnage – The Christmas Expansion

Whack & Slaughter – Crimson Tides – The Rules for Pirate Scenarios

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