Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the CatZeyeS headquarters.

It is here, where you will encounter some nice free print and play games.

This site is by no means of professional nature:

CatZeyeS is a hobbyproject, so enjoy your stay and feel free to send feedback about any of the games you encounter here.

Since the lines above have been written, 10 years have passed!

Time for a new theme as well as a webshop! Are you looking for some battlemaps you can individualize e.g. by putting your own logo on it (or your gaming group’s logo, or your company’s logo)? Look no further! Check out our Webshop, and grab your CatZmatZ today!

Feeling oldschool? Don’t hesitate and visit our Support Forum where you can chat with me or show off whatever cool stuff you have created with CatZeyeS products!