Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the CatZeyeS headquarters.

It is here, where you will encounter some nice free rules for all kinds of skirmish games as well as some print and play games.

If you are new in the hobby of miniature skirmish games, you might want to start out with Duel, a skirmisher that has been written with newcomers in mind at its core: You can play it with any figurines you already have (you could even play with your salt and pepper shakers, if you’re creative enough) and it allows you to field your figurines in any setting.

If you don’t mind crafting stuff (such as cutting out playing cards or creating tokens), you may want to go for Whack & Slaughter, which is a fantasy arena game, mixing elements of miniature skirmishes with elements of video games such as Diablo, Guild Wars, DotA and Unreal Tournament.

If you’ve got some tanks you want to pit versus each other, Panzerland is your go-to place: On just one DIN A4 page you find rules as well as scenarios to battle it out against opposing tanks.

You have a feud to settle? Well, bring forth your most noble knights and let them face each other in the medival hastilude – the Joust. A game that can be perfectly played with Lego Knights.

Are you into campaign gaming and telling a story with your models? Well, there is this village that gets overrun and now you need to lead the trek to Sanctuary in Vanguard: Seeking Sanctuary.

And if you think, combat is boring, and you need a different kind of challenge, you might want to go for Fires At Midnight, the Non-Combat-Tabletop game tasking you with rescuing villagers from a fire while keeping the fire at bay.

If you came here in search for some battlemats or the legendary 15k Skirmish Scenario deck, you will find those over at the CatZstorE.

And last but nor least, there is the CatZeyeS Guarantee as one thing never changed and will never change: CatZeyeS Entertainment will always have the digital rules for their games available for FREE!

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